About the Basic Needs Hub

Welcome to the Basic Needs Hub at Western Washington University, where students can find comprehensive support for their essential needs in one convenient location. Our mission is to ensure that every student has access to the resources they need to thrive academically, pursue their career goals, and foster meaningful relationships within our community.

We strive to offer a centralized source of assistance, connecting students with the necessary support when they need it most. Whether it's food insecurity, housing concerns, or financial instability, Western is here to provide compassionate support and empower students to succeed in all aspects of their lives.


Mixed assortment of colorful healthy food staples, lentils, eggs, potatoes, apples and more on a rustic board
On and Off-Campus Resources

Resources for individuals experiencing food insecurity.


A colorful craftsman duplex with a purple and orange exterior, a shared front porch, and a bicycle rack on the sidewalk
On and Off-Campus Resources

Resources for housing security available for WWU students, staff, and faculty.

Student Emergency Funding

Two people walk on a snowy path beside a building, surrounded by snow-covered trees and lampposts.
On and Off-Campus Resources

Financial resources for students experiencing unforeseen emergencies.

Health & Wellness

Student with pen writing on notebook on grass outside, wearing a skirt and flats.
On and Off-Campus Resources

Resources to help students and WWU staff attain and maintain healthcare and health insurance.


A chic boutique with racks of stylish clothing, the blurred effect highlighting the latest fashion trends.
On and Off-Campus Resources

Resources to help the WWU community with clothing and attire.


Back view of a person on a bus in winter attire wearing a backpack and hat.
On and Off-Campus Resources

Resources for WWU affiliated students and staff seeking transportation assistance.

Find a Job

Student in glasses works at a laptop while in the library.
On and Off-Campus Resources

On- and off-campus positions listed, resume and interview skill assistance and job prep help for the Western Community.

Community and Belonging

Students sitting in pairs in hammocks, strung up between trees. Three hammocks are stacked on top of each other, spaced just enough for students to sit upright.
On and Off-Campus Resources

Resources for students and staff seeking to create a sense of community and belonging.


computer notebook open in library among old stacks of textbooks.
On and Off-Campus Resources

Use these resources to find online technology support and important web links.


A mother entering the kindergarten yard with her preschooler boy who is wearing a red coat and a backpack with colorful dinosaurs printed on it.
On and Off-Campus Resources

Resources to find affordable, local child care, after school and youth programs.


The word Budget written out with individual scrabble letters, placed on stacks of gold coins.
On and Off-Campus Resources

Financial assistance and education for the Western students.